Shutdown: ROL Book 1

A woman keeps dreaming of children dying in a smallpox epidemic that hits Washington, DC. A CIA operative is handed proof that the smallpox virus has been found on stargates located in the Middle East. A United States President and daughter of a legendary assassinated president keeps seeing her father and he’s warning her of threats to her world. A hybrid, part-human, part-angel, part-god lives on earth with God himself somewhere in Peru and they’re not here for fun. Shutdown_ebook_cover

In this sprawling historical and science fiction thriller, Gods and angels work with the President as well as two CIA operatives and a reporter to save the free world from demonic terrorist attacks that are being launched via ancient portals buried in the deserts of the Yucatan and underneath the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. At the same time, an EMP strike would destabilize the American economy and a demon army is on its way from another planet.

Can the force of good stop the forces of the Enemy in time to save the earth? From the sands of the Middle East to the great lakes of Peru . . . God and his angelic army fight to save the world in this first book in the Robe of Light Series.

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