Ripple: Young Adult Version

ripple YA cover_phoenixWhen I wrote Ripple, I realized very early on that it was serving an important need. But because it takes an unflinching look at child sexual abuse, it can be a hard read for young adults. And yet those very same young adults face a twenty-five percent chance they will be raped or abused before they’re out of college. I decided, therefore, to remove some of the harder material so that young women could read it and receive help working through the after-effects of rape and abuse. I also hope that young women who have friends going through trauma can read Ripple and better understand what their friend may be going through.

Please note that even Ripple: Young Adult Version is still for ages thirteen and up. And I fully expect that any young soul reading this book should have a parent or loved one available to discuss it. I further hope that with works like Ripple becoming available, such works will in the future no longer be so important. Until then, I will not rest until all young souls are safe and cared for. And if you’re one of those young souls, I promise you this: there is healing. And things will get better.

All my love.


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