Off Grid: Day One

It’s the year 2092. America has a new capital city: Colorado Springs. DC was obliterated in terrorist attacks in the 2020’s, and the Internet was destroyed by the United States to prevent further attacks in the Day of Darkening, July 29, 2035. Smallpox ravaged the population in 2075, and many remaining humans are slowly turning into walking zombies due to the implants designed, marketed, and installed by Lucenet Technologies. The earth is also facing impending ecological cataclysm.Draft_cover_Off_Grid

Meanwhile, Israel and Jacob Rouen are living as God and Mrs. God on the earth, and from the city of Jackson, Wyoming, they are building a new world with the help of angelically-run St. Mark’s University. As a high-ranking member of the Angelic Army, Israel is off preparing for the Final Battle with enemy forces, but she is called home when her daughter’s school is attacked by forces from the Demonic Army. Jacob, meanwhile, sends their son Thomas to rescue Echo, and the United States President is on his way to Jackson to meet with the one soul who can save his nation.

With a clever balancing of dystopian and utopian elements, and intermingling of action and romance, this first book in the Chasing Arrows Series will appeal to both young adult and adult readers, and to male and female alike.