Mermaids Are A Bit Inappropriate

In this fourth book in the Strays Welcome series, Iz is having a hard time saying goodbye to Raz, and it’s not just because she will miss her mother. Israel has epilepsy, and her hands are shaking—badly, and that’s before they even make it out of Montana. Navigating treacherous mountain passes and facing an electric storm that she knows is coming, Iz grits her teeth and keeps driving. Come find out what happens when she has a seizure and a major stroke, and see how God and his band of angels help piece his wife back together.Soullife

Recovering from a major stroke and a seizure is not easy, especially when you’re a single mom with three kids and a dog with a flying problem. Naturally, Raziel shows up and helps get Iz sorted, right up until she mysteriously disappears. In her place comes Jeremiel, fourth-ranking servant in Heaven, and formerly known as Robin Hood—now appearing in a female body built by a heavenly sculptor. With Jeremiel’s help, Israel and the children prepare to list their house and move out west.

Phoenix weaves amusing stories from Home as well as funny family dialogue between gentle spiritual teachings. These spiritual teachings come from all over, for they range from Buddha and Gandhi to the Indian classic holy scriptures, duck into the Muslim world, and trip right back to what Jesus, Elijah, and other Judeo-Christian prophets taught. Readers will learn everything from how a Muslim should pray to what happens when giants used to walk the earth, and if they listen hard enough, they might hear a dragon roar . . . at a mermaid that is a bit inappropriate.

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