Elaine, Madeline and Chance explore the whole range of human emotions, and they write in both the Young Adult as well as adult genres. El’s first two books, Ripple, and I Run were award-winning bestsellers within the literary fiction and family fiction genres. From that point, El began to write more mass market fiction. In her latest works, El moves into science fiction/fantasy, where she co-writes with Chance Stevens and Madeline Phoenix. El also is working on Shards of Greatness, which is a political coming of age story about three best friends who walk a path to greatness side by side. This walk culminates in the main character becoming the first Latina President of the United States.

In other works, El and Chance write with a comic touch about spirituality amid the day to day sitcom of family life in the suburbs. El also explores historical and religious themes in the Lost Gospel Series, which takes a fresh look at the nature of identity amid a story about Mark, the son of Jesus.

Madeline Phoenix focuses entirely on science fiction/fantasy. Her first novel is an environmental moral tale set three thousand years in the future. In it, the personified forces of nature fight a technologically advanced dictator in efforts to save earth from final destruction.

The Third Eye of Cain, Off Grid and Shards of Greatness are either being pitched to agents or will be soon.

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