Wave Rising

Roller derby star Phoebe Thompson is angry, and for good reason: one of the men who conspired to rape her has just gotten out of prison after serving a mere five years. But will her anger become a force for good, or will it destroy her chance for happiness with poet-mechanic and ex-soldier Jim McMahon?

In Wave Rising, the two lead characters battle with the pain of PTSD and find solace when neither is expecting or looking for it. Meanwhile, ex-convict Wayne Toller is loose and hunting for perverse outlets, and there is only soul on earth who can stop him.

In a shocking turn of events, Phoebe becomes the hunter rather than the hunted, and she might go too far. In this explosive and romantic sequel to best-selling Ripple, critically-acclaimed author E.L. Phoenix explores the nature of healing, hope, forgiveness, and God’s redemptive love.

Wave Rising

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