The Unlikely Prophet, Book 1 of the Lost Gospels Series

A soccer mom keeps having dreams of DC burning and a flood engulfing the eastern half of the United States. She dreams that her current husband has killed her many times before. Little does she know that these dreams are prophetic and true . . . nor does she remember that she is an angel incarnated in a human body to warn the world of impending catastrophe. All she knows is that she misses Home, and the God she serves.UnlikelyProphet_Phoenix_DRAFT

In this sprawling romantic suspense epic, there is one soul who can wake Sally up: her soul mother and a high-ranking Archangel who lives two thousand miles away. In their past lifetime together, they died before they could warn the world. God will not let them die this lifetime . . . but can they find one before they run out of time?

From the gaping and dusty landscapes of 1950’s southwest Texas, to the rolling hills of Northern Virginia in 2015, to the green-lit shimmering mansion of the First Family in 2093’s Jackson, Wyoming; and from earth to Heaven and back again . . . two servants of the Lord fight to save the world in this first book of the Lost Gospels Series.

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