Israel, Don’t Eat the Bunny

Picking up where Angels Landing ends, the third book in the Strays Welcome series finds the Brookman trio in the snow-covered city of Great Falls, Montana, home to the high-ranking archangel Raziel—who just happens to be Israel’s mother back Home. Holed up inside for a frigid and icy few days, The Brookmans mBunny_dragoneet a cat who acts familiar and a dog Israel most certainly never ate, but there was the time she quaffed the bunny . . .

Iz tells the bunny story and several more, like the time she morphed into a demon in heaven and got in trouble with all the top archangels, or the time she and Brett stole a dragon, or how fairies came to be . . . and Phoenix sprinkles teaching moments among the laughter to create a poignant and fascinating vision of what life as a servant of the Lord is really like. As Raziel emphasizes to Iz, you gotta be a good soul before you can become a great one.

Come join the Brookman family in the snow-covered and frozen falls of one of Montana’s largest cities and explore the expanses of a radical new spirituality that teaches from all the great prophets over the many centuries here on earth . . . and find out if Israel really did eat that bunny.

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