First Lost Gospel of Mark, Book 2 of the Lost Gospels Series

After being visited by an archangel, soccer mom Sally Lane Brookman discovers that she is both a modern day prophet and the reincarnated soul of St. Mark, the son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. As disbelief gives way to a need to find the truth, Brookman sets out to reconstruct the story of what happened to the First Family after the Crucifixion.first lost gospel mark_ebook

Shifting back and forth from the present to the past, from the United States to the dusty streets of Jerusalem, and following the son of Jesus as Mark and his family flee from the Romans, the First Lost Gospel of Mark is as much a coming of age story as it is a historical thriller. Ranging from the shores of Tyre to the gold mines in Ethiopia and to the advanced cities of Libya and Egypt, and flying into the future and even to the heavens between lifetimes, Phoenix takes the reader on a spiritual and physical adventure like none ever before written.

With an irreverent wit, a love of all souls and with flashes of insight and wisdom, Phoenix shows how Jesus and his followers sought a new way to share God’s word with His people. This controversial first novel shines a light on the revolutionary message from the world’s great teacher: the map to salvation lies within each one of us.


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