Release! Wave Rising, Sequel to Best-selling Ripple

After two grueling years, I’m finally releasing the sequel to the best-selling Ripple. Wave Rising is a classic love story, abounding with hope and packed with healing. Like the other books I’m working on, it tries to entertain readers while also bringing spirituality back into religion. I’m a newly single mom with three kids, so if you grab a copy, the four dollars you spend will help us very much.

So what can you expect from Wave Rising? Reviewer Brie Grubbs writes this about it:

Phoebe Thompson was introduced to us in “Ripple” as a shattered, broken young woman, suffering the pain and confusion of being made a victim by someone she trusted. No child should ever have to go through that, but Phoebe’s story in Ripple gave girls like her hope- whether they were 13 or 30, victims or survivors.

Wave Rising
Wave Rising

The continuance of her story in “Wave Rising” gives us more than hope. It lights a fire within the soul to do precisely what Phoebe has done- take a horrible act and turn it into something that changes lives. And changing lives is precisely what E.L. [Phoenix] is doing. She addresses an issue that is still taboo, and smashes through the stigmas attached. Her words give a broken girl wings, and watching her soar- despite setbacks and hardships- is incredible.
Beautifully written, heart breakingly real, and scarily accurate, Wave Rising is a portrayal of how some stories like Phoebe’s turn out. The lucky ones, the strong ones, take the pain and turn it into wings, and their stories give those of us without them, and without a voice, hope that someday, we too can fly.

Wave is available on Amazon now. It will be available on all the other outlets sometime this week, and I’ll be publishing the paperback copy as soon as we make some final revisions to the cover.

Speaking of those revisions, I do have a new last name now, which reflects some of the grueling personal issues I’ve been experiencing. It took me years to be as strong in my own personal life as my characters are in their lives–indeed, it took me years to grow wings of my own. I believe there’s a gag order on what else I can say, or one’s been threatened. That of course is the nature of abuse: we’re either directly threatened all the time, or so used to being threatened on a constant basis by men who tell you that “abuse is the most over-used word in the English language” that we shrink back from saying what we really mean. I look forward to helping create a world where women can stop fearing to speak, to live, to love, and to rise to their full potential. But I for one am no longer living in fear.

The other thing I am gonna go ahead and say is this. I did break free. But in some respects my wings are still a bit weak. For now, I am not receiving any child support. As I explained to one of my friends this morning, I came from Phoebe’s side of the tracks. This is the first time I’ve experienced financial hardship of any real sort, and I’m actually grateful for some of these sorts of tribulations, because they’re making me a better soul, more about to serve and understand those I serve.

There is one thing you can really do that will help my children and I: please buy my book, and tell your friends it’s a good read. And if you’re able to leave a review, I promise you that review will help me very much. Reviews sell books, and each book I sell helps my children and I out so very much.