Holy Moments

I finish the scene that has been torturing me for over a week and push my leather chair back.  My back is tight and so are my hamstrings.  I ran 20 miles on Sunday and it is Tuesday now, a second rest day granted as a concession to middle age.  I chuckle as my left knee clicks as I head downstairs.  My friend Sam, also a middle-aged runner, told me that the word for the clicking, creaking, cracking sound is crepitus, which sounds an awful lot like decrepitude.  We both laughed about this, because it’s best to laugh about things you cannot change and aging is one of those things.

I look out the window.  It is drizzling, not pouring, so I grab my bright red running jacket and push the white garage button.  The door groans as it rises and I check the front porch to see if the UPS guy has delivered my two new pairs of Brooks running shoes.  Nothing is on the porch except the spice plants so I pull on my hood and zip up my jacket.

Last night, we walked as a family to the pond near our house to fish with a troop of Cub Scouts.  My husband, the Cub Scout troop leader, cast fishing lines and so did I, and the kids wandered around and fished sticks and algae but no fish out of the water.  Madeline and I got bored after she tangled her line around a rose bush and so we walked home.  Madeline whispered to me, “I tangled it up really bad on purpose.”

I giggled and asked her why. “I felt sorry for Jim.  His line was tangled too and he’s been waiting for Dad to help him.  So I got mine really tangled and messed up–I knew Dad would come over.”  I put my arm around my compassionate little girl and grinned.  “Don’t tell Dad, okay?”  She asked me, as she hugged me back.

Have your children ever done any secret acts of solidarity?

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      • I am so guilty of using pics I find on Google Images to make wall art with quotes. I’m thinking now I should find a way to credit the artist when I can find out the origin, lol. You are such a great influence on me. You think of things I don’t think of. I appreciate you so much. <3

        • Aw shucks–thank you sweetie. And I did NOT want to make you feel guilty! What is done is DONE–what we can do is fix behavior going forward, eh? And you NEVER meant wrong by anything you did! xoxo

  1. just guessing from your description, but the bird sounds like a towhee…love the kids’ picture and the woods picture, love the woods…it’s where I go to get energy from the trees! I admire your determination!

    • Thank you my friend . . . that was what this blog should have been about–sometimes we whiff damn it — and this one whiffed . . . but the book is moving and that was one thing I took from Nina’s post–I am more into the novel writing than into this (grrrrr–hard to do both really well at the same time)–ok, the horse is whinnying gotta get back to it.

  2. My son (middle 5 yo) lets his little sister (4 yo) come into his room at night to “sleep” with him. They put their blankets on the floor, get their flashlights, and he reads her stories. They never get to actually sleep because I catch them too soon, but he loves her visits and won’t rat her out.

  3. El, i love this story of your daughter, and even more loved the original version of this post that continued through the woods and your mind. It’s in my email, so you can’t have it back. 😉

    • Know my Worth: awwwww, thank you so much my friend!! Yes, sigh, I was afraid it was too long and rambling for most readers so I cut it way back. I read an interesting post that suggests you should try not to cover too many subjects in one blog post, so I hacked it (but saved the original in a word document). xoxo.