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Elaine or “El” Phoenix is a truth explorer, and her search for it has taken her from science to theology, spirituality to philosophy–in other words, up, down, side to side and all over the mental map.  She studied history at the University of Maryland and then law at William and Mary. She practiced law for several years in Northern Virginia and D.C.–and ran from it screaming, “Never again will I be this miserable.” She has always written professionally and privately, telling stories and trying to figure out the right or wrong way to live.

She started up a page called Running from Hell with El in 2010. RFHWE grew in size until El walked away from social media in 2014 to seek out a different way of life. El published her first novel, Ripple: A Tale of Hope and Redemption in 2011.  Ripple was a book about women helping women heal from abuse, and it was an award-winning best-seller. I Run, a story about a woman named Sally who couldn’t stop running from herself, also garnered awards and hit the bestseller list on Amazon.

El has been writing novels ever since. Like Chance Stevens, one of her co-writers, she disappears from public life from time to time to go off an adventures. Now she’s back and while she’s not got it all figured out, she’s telling stories about friends helping one another find their way Home and family life. Her latest project is called Shards of Greatness. It’s a political epic that tells the story of three friends who grow up together. One of the friends, Mel Marta Robinson, rises to Lieutenant Commander in the Navy before entering politics. She later becomes the first black female President of the United States.

Now that El is back, she got a new sidekick: Madeline Phoenix.


Madeline Phoenix

Madeline Phoenix is El’s daughter. She’s been writing ever since she could read, and everything she writes is a unique story. Although young in years, Madeline had completed her first novel before she turned 14. She says anyone who has a problem with this “is an ageist with prejudice.” Remarks like this just make El shake her head and smile.

Now fourteen, Madeline Phoenix began writing a short story in September of 2016. Titled “Wind’s Last Stand,” the story was about a man named Cain who murdered a tree and then attacked the Wind. Cain and Wind fought, and while Cain vanquished Wind, she swore she’d be back. At El’s suggestion, Madeline began to fashion a novel, and for several months, she wrote for hours a day. She wrote in the car, between class, during class, and often late into the night. She’s like a guitar player who sleeps with her instrument or a baseball player who carries her mitt to bed. This novel, The Third Eye of Cain, is currently being pitched to agents, and she keeps this a secret from no one except the man who inspires all her villains.

When she’s not writing, Madeline is playing the clarinet, drinking vast amounts of coffee (because that’s what writers do) and walking or talking with her mother, her step-father, or her two brothers. She is not currently available for interviews unless Mom approves it.


Chance Stevens

Chance Stevens has traveled all over the world since an early age. He studied archeology and the Bible, with an additional focus on geology, at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Chance writes about God and family life with a humorous touch. He also delves into fantasy and science fiction. His credits include co-writer status on Strays Welcome, Angels Landing and Off Grid.

Chance is currently exploring caves in search of proof of advanced prehistoric civilizations at a remote location in Montana. He is also preparing a geologic survey of rare minerals in the northern part of Wyoming. He sends notes to El from time to time, but much like the character who plays “Sean” the photographer in The Secret Life of Walter Middy, Chance is unreachable most of the time. His appearances are both mysterious and joyful.

Past Careers: hunter; adventurer; cowboy; mechanic; TA (Teacher’s assistant); “I’ll just call it flipping burgers El”; Robin Hood; dynamite manufacturer; Sunday School teacher; shipbuilder; inventor.



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